We strive to bring you entertaining and informative presentation each month. Take a look below for our schedule of upcoming presentations. All presentations begin at 11 a.m., unless otherwise noted.

 Social Security

Tuesday, May 30
Better understand the benefits of Social Security
By VOYA Financial

Joint Pain

Friday, June 2
Understand the causes of joint pain as well as nonsurgical and surgical treatment options.
By Placentia Linda Hospital

Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Thursday, June 6
Diabetes management and what you need to know.
By Be Well Pharmacy


Tuesday, June 13
Learn about care giving.
By Nightingale Senior Care

City Council Update

Thursday, June 15
Learn what's happening in the City of Brea.
By Mayor Cecilia Hupp

Housing Rehabilitation

Thursday, June 22
Learn what the City has to offer for your house.
By City of Brea

Living Healthy & Independent

Tuesday, June 27
Learn how to keep healthy and maintain independence in your community.
By Independence at Home

Ulysses S Grant

Thursday, June 29
Learn about his historic travels out west.
By Craig Author